New pokie casinos in New Zealand

The choice of pokies at online casinos in New Zealand has never been great until recently. Over 40 new European online casinos have entered the local market, offering the best-paying pokies and other casino games. What is more is that these casinos allow the Kiwi punter to place bets and receive payouts in NZ$s without having to worry about constantly converting currencies. With this variety of pokie options now available, how does the Kiwi gambler choose the best pokies. Head over to this link { } to find an online casino list of new entertainment options and pokie choices in the New Zealand market that supports bets and payouts in NZ$. This handy article will help the New Zealand player identify the highest-paying pokie games at these legit casino before signing up for these casinos and depositing any money up front.

How do I find the high-paying pokies?

The first thing to do when faced with any new or unknown online casino in new Zealand is to check out if they are licensed and regulated. If they are licensed, that means that the casino went through the required processes to adhere to the regulatory requirements set out be the government to be be able to offer gambling as a service to New Zealand players. Evidence of the license should be displayed publicly on the casino's site. Also bear in mind that there are varying degrees of casino licenses and the player should be aware of this. In addition, the game providers of an online casino should also be licensed to offer its casino games for play in a country. Look for a free play games option in order to investigate the games on offer by the casino.

  • Look for a reputable casino license such as MGA
  • Look at the game variety
  • Look at the game provider's credentials

If the casino offers free-play games then this is a good place to start when looking for the highest-paying pokies. Free-play games means that the casino and the games provider is transparent about the workings of the casino and its games. Game providers will usually provide technical details about the pokie games when these games are released to their casinos. When the casino publishes the game on their site, they should also share this technical details about the game to the player. The players should be able to see information such as the pay lines, pay ways, return to player (RTP) percentage and the volatility of the game that they are interested in. Playing the game for free can also give the player an idea of the in-game features and the bonus features of the game and how they could pay out.

The RTP percentage is very important to identify a high-paying pokie. The RTP of a pokie is the amount of wagers on that pokie that the player can expect to be returned to him over the long term playing that game. This is expressed as a percentage and the the difference between 100% and the RTP percentage is the house edge on that game, or the mathematical advantage that the casino has over you in order to make a profit. Example: If a pokie features 95.6% RTP, this means that for every NZ$100 that the player wagers, he can expect NZ$95.60 back in payouts over the long term playing that pokie. The house will then theoretically keep NZ$4.40 of these wagers. These RTP percentages should be prominently displayed along with the game information and players are urged to focus on pokies with RPTs of 96% or higher also known as loose pokies.

The online gambling landscape in New Zealand is set to change considerably with the imminent entry of over 40 reputable online casinos into the local market. New Zealand players are urged to investigate the legitimacy of any online casino first by checking out the casino license allocated to that casino it see if they support fair and responsible play. The casino game providers' credentials are also important to look at to check if they support fair-play. If the casino provides a free-play version of its online games then it shows transparency on the casino and the provider's part so that the players can try out the games without financial commitment. This will also expose the vetted RTP percentages of the game so that the player can make informed decisions and rest assured that he chose the highest-paying pokies available.